The Riverheads Invite You to Fight the Permian Highway Pipeline with Music

A local San Marcos studio band, The Riverheads, wrote four amazing and inspiring “pipeline songs” as a grassroots protest songs from the heart of Central Texas.

All income from sales of the songs will be donated to the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association legal fund in the Kinder Morgan lawsuit.

The songs are only 99 cents each, and available from downloading from iTunes, CD Baby Store, Amazon Music, Google Music Store. You can preview and download the songs here:

They have created 4 songs to raise awareness and funds: Under the Knife, Pipeline Goliath, Kinderville, and Pipeline Goliath unplugged. Please buy all of the songs today to help keep our Hill Country from turning into an alleyway for Kinder Morgan and pals. Also please sure to share the news, not the music files. Without funds, there’s no fund-raiser, right? Finally, if anyone knows a radio disc jockey or talk show host, please turn them on to these songs and the Hill Country pipeline issues in general

You can stay up to date on the Permian Highway Pipeline fight by subscribing to the newsletter put together by our friends at Move the Pipeline, Save the Water.

The Riverheads are made up of James Baker and Steve Collins. They formed in 2017 and began creating their melodious environmental folk rock to generate appreciation for the work that so many people do hidden behind the scenes to preserve and enhance the extraordinarily unique living land and waterscapes we enjoy in Central Texas.

James Baker wrote the lyrics and performs guitar and vocals on the tracks. Steve Collins played all other instruments on the songs and also rearranged, recorded, mixed and mastered the music. 

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