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WVWA Fall Membership Picnic Food Music and Fun!

Saturday, October 20th, 4pm- 7pm Dancing Waters Retreat 
1405 Mt Sharp Rd Wimberley RSVP online to be entered in the Drawing to Win 
a Weekend Retreat in Junction, TX at 
Cool River Cabin donated by Native American Seed
Go to to RSVP by contributing your $35 family membership fee
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Saving Cypress Creek

By Jack Hollon, Vice President, Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

Over the past several months, the lawsuit filed by Wimberley Valley Watershed Association and other concerned citizens challenging pumping permit #168 for a golf course development that was approved by the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (HTGCD) on Feb 21, 2011, has been brought up several at the Hays Commissioners Court and at HTGCD meetings.  The permit was granted to Wimberley Springs Partners (WSP), developers in the Woodcreek North area of the Cypress Creek Watershed above Jacob’s Well
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Restoration Rangers: Stewards of Jacob's Well

by Anne Child
The Restoration Rangers have been busy with 17 official workdays, one emergency workday and several watering days already this year.  We are excited to have new folks joining our ranks from the citizenry of Wimberley and the new class of Hays County Master Naturalists.  
The February flood caught us all off guard.  The creek rose 13 feet after an 8 inch rain.  This gully washer sheared our bridge off the weir and uprooted several of the trees planted in the floodplain
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Water Quality Monitoring on Cypress Creek

by Neal Denton Water Quality Monitor Wimberley Valley Watershed Association
Have you ever wondered about the quality of Cypress Creek? Is it safe for swimming? Is it a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic organisms? The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA), in partnership with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), attempts to answer these questions by analyzing the water quality every month
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How Being Social Can Combat Water Scarcity

by  John Whear BS ME 
The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association and Jacobs Well Natural Area are developing a workshop for community based rainwater harvesting and seeks participants for a focus group.
Recent studies have shown how old social habits can provide communities with new sources of water in arid environments. We will be focusing on ancient rainwater social habits from pre-colonial India and rainwater harvesting methods pioneered at the Bamberger Ranch.
We need 16 to 32 volunteers for a Common Pool Resource focus group
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Water is Life by Andrew Sansom

Texas Co-OpPower Magazine Article August 2012  And as stewards, we must protect our freshwater: We can’t build our way out of this predicament.Andrew Sansom Not long ago, I spent an afternoon with David Baker, who lives near the headwaters of Cypress Creek in Hays County at a lovely spring known as Jacob’s Well
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Why is Texas out of water during severe droughts?

by Raymond Slade, Jr.,Certified Professional Hydrologist  An island exists with one interior lake of limited size as a water supply.  The folks on the north side of the lake have water-use permits with pumpage restrictions--on the south side, however, some folks have limited pumpage regulation and others have none.  A severe drought occurs.  For the north-shore folks, landscapes die and they have barely enough water to maintain households.  Meantime, on the south shores of the lake, large yards are irrigated, swimming pools installed and filled, and golf courses and other commercial developments that use substantial amounts of water are built
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