The Water Protectors Fund protects our aquifers, springs, creeks, rivers – and the sole source of drinking water for thousands of people by financing critical science, education, advocacy, and legal initiatives in the Hill Country.  Click the banner to find out more and get involved.

The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association is a non-profit organization located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, born out of a love for water.

WVWA has been working since 1996 to keep Jacob’s Well, the headwaters of Cypress Creek, clean, clear, and flowing for generations to come.

Our vision is to create a greater understanding community-wide of the many benefits that flow from a respectful relationship with the land: human health, ecological health, economic sustainability, enriched community life, and the renewal of the human spirit.

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We hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Today is Black Friday, then comes Cyber Monday... then Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a time to recognize and support non-profits and charities. We hope you appreciate the work WVWA does to build connections, protect our springs, creeks, and groundwater, and conserve critical habitat and recharge areas. Please consider a donation in support of WVWA! #blackfriday2021 #CyberMonday2021 #givingtuesday2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Wimberley Valley Watershed Association
Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday be full of family, friends, and laughter! We have a lot to be thankful for here at the Watershed Association.2021–while challenging–has been on the whole a positive year. Together with friends, members, and colleagues we have worked to inspire the Hill Country community toward innovative solutions, informed policy, wise planning, and strategic land and water resource protections. Through partnerships, collaboration and policy support, we’ve had great success in amplifying conservation and natural resource protection efforts.All of us feel strongly that by bringing awareness to the connection between the land, water, and people, we create partnerships and expand conservation beyond the measure of acres and dollars to the measure of social and individual ... See MoreSee Less
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Appreciate your Watershed Association? Support us this #GivingTuesday! The annual day of giving is only a week away. Celebrate non-profits like the Watershed Association and help us continue land conservation, water protection, and build connections between people and the nature. Learn more: #givingtuesday2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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Dripping Springs extended the moratorium on new developments due to limited wastewater treatment capacity. The permit to expand wastewater treatment with direct discharge to Onion Creek was overruled last year. In October 2020, the State of Texas 459th…

Dripping Springs extended the moratorium on new developments due to limited wastewater treatment capacity. The permit to expand wastewater treatment with direct discharge to Onion Creek was overruled last year.

Press release: Watershed Association Purchases 74 acres of Dry Cypress for Recharge Protection

Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

Press release (pdf)
WIMBERLEY, TX The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association…

Calling all artists! Elevate your art in the Sacred Springs Kite Exhibit... check this out!Every year, American Kitefliers Association selects a Grand National Champion. The winning kites are selected for their beauty, function, and creativity. Art4Water and Sky Wind World, Inc are hosting the Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition to elevate awareness of Texas' springs. Artists can submit original artwork through the link below. Selected artwork will be turned into kites to be flown and displayed at Austin Public Library Central Campus in 2022. We hope the AKA Grand National Champion examples inspire art submissions!Visit for project details, commission stipend, format, and entry requirements. Art submissions due by August 1, 2021. Water creates the most magical parts of our world. This is especially true for the Hill Country. We are seeking art that captures that magic. The art should be focused on water in all its forms and the life that springs from it and the efforts to preserve it. #CallForEntry #TexasWater #ValueWater #kite ... See MoreSee Less
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HB 4146 (by T. King), if passed, would prohibit wastewater discharge into our most pristine rivers and creeks across Texas, including those that recharge the Edwards Aquifer. The bill is set for a hearing with the House Environmental Regulations Committee today, April 12th at 2:00 PM Please register your support for HB 4146 by clicking the link below. A simple “I support passage of HB 4146” in the comment section provided is enough and only takes a minute. We hope you will take the time to do so by Monday afternoon. Go to: then select "HB 4146 by King, Tracy O." to submit your online comment.Pristine waters--including many headwaters of Hill Country streams and rivers--deserve special protections. There are not many pristine waters left. Rep. Tracy King has been tapped as chair of House Natural Resources and is carrying several consequential bills, including the sweeping HB 4146 (SB 1747 Zaffirini) “Pristine Waters,” which identifies stream segments statewide that run clean and clear, and prohibit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality from authorizing direct discharge of waste or pollutants into them. An estimated 2,000 miles across 44 stream segments would be protected, including the prized waters of the Texas Hill Country, among them Cypress Creek and the Blanco River. A hearing is Monday, Apr. 12 before the Environmental Regulation Committee. This one deserves special treatment--please consider submitting online comments in favor of this bill before or during the hearing. Here are lege details and how to submit comments: ... See MoreSee Less
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