Texas Land Trends & Conservation Easements

Photo & Graphic from the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute – Texas Land Trends
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Texas Land Trends & Conservation Easements”Conservation will ultimately boil down to rewarding the private landowner who conserves the public interest.”
 – Aldo Leopold Conservationist, forester and wildlife biologist

The Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute has just released a fascinating Texas Land Trends Report. Texas working lands are undergoing a fundamental change, one that has implications for rural economies, national and food security, and conservation of water and other natural resources. Native landscapes are increasingly threatened by suburbanization, rural development and land fragmentation driven by rapid population growth.

Texans are also approaching the largest intergenerational land transfer to date with over 66% of its landowner base over the age of 55. The majority of these lands will likely pass to younger generations who may have less experience, lack financial capital or the motivation and interest needed to sustain family operations. This has created a great and growing need for land conservation easements.