URGENT: Call to Action to Protect Our Springs!

Jacob’s Well photo by Jennifer Idol

The Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (HTGCD) will be voting on two rules that are intended to protect spring flow from the Trinity aquifer to Jacob’s Well and Pleasant Valley Springs, the primary source of water to Cypress Creek and the Blanco River. By adopting Rule 15 (Option 1) and Rule 16, this Wednesday, October 30th, the HTGCD will take a significant step towards preserving these vital springs and the environmental and economic future of the Wimberley Valley.  As charged by the HTGCD board last fall, a stakeholder group representing landowners, water utilities, real estate developers, local government, the Wimberley Independent School District, property owner’s associations, and nonprofits; the stakeholders unanimously adopted six key recommendations that formed the basis of the rules being considered at tomorrow’s meeting.

WVWA fully supports Rule 15 (option 1), the Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone (JWGMZ), as we see that it is essential for maintaining the health of Jacob’s Well, Cypress Creek, and the Blanco River. As our “little slice of heaven” continues to grow, we need to start taking measures and precautions to help ensure that our ground and surface waters are protected and conserved. The JWGMZ is the best way to protect the headwaters of Cypress Creek and enable our springs to flow all year long. Rule 16 will establish a Regional Recharge Study Zone (RRSZ) for the Blanco River as a localized Groundwater Availability Model is being developed over the next 5 years. 

With the threat of over-pumping our aquifers, as proposed by corporate interests competing for their water to export from our area increases, it is extremely important that our concerned citizens attend the HTGCD hearing on these proposed rules to create a groundwater management zone to protect the spring flow around Jacob’s Well. The District is also proposing new drought curtailments (Rule 13) that require cutbacks based on production volumes, not permitted volumes. The rules, as well as the scientific studies and stakeholder recommendations, and public comments are available here. 

The attorney for Electro Purification (EP) has submitted comments in opposition to the GMZ rules that would protect Jacob’s Well and Pleasant Valley Springs, the primary source of water for the Blanco River. The District needs to hear from all of the community members who support the district’s efforts to sustainably manage groundwater resources. 

Please attend! Call or email the Board before Wednesday evening to let the Board know that you support Option 1 for Rule 15 and Rule 16! 
(HTGCD Contact Info below)

Meeting Information

Wednesday, October 30th, 6:00pm
Dripping Springs City Hall
511 Mercer Street
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
See the full agenda here

The Blanco River

Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District – Contact Information

Rick Broun, District Manager

Linda Kaye Rogers, President
Phone: 512.847.0634

Doc Jones, Vice President

John Worrall, Secretary-Treasurer
Phone: 830-825-3029

Jeff Shaw

Holy Fults
Phone: 409-659-9816 (cell)

Mailing Address & Phone #
Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
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