April Hydro Report

In March and the beginning of April, there were several small rain events and the Blanco watershed received between 1.9 to 4.7  inches of rain (according to Edwards Aquifer Authority weather stations).  Soil moisture sensors show a measurable response in the shallow soils, but the deeper sensors indicate that soils are not fully saturated.  Both flow at Jacobs Well and the Blanco River increased briefly after rain events but quickly returned to pre-rain baseflow conditions (see USGS hydrograph below). Monitor wells show little to no increases in water levels despite recent rains.

Jacobs Well and Blanco River USGS hydrographs (showing flow) for March and the beginning of April.

To see measurable increases in spring flow and groundwater levels, we need additional rain events to deeply saturate soils which will allow water to percolate from upland recharge areas into the groundwater system, and sustained runoff will support higher flow in recharge creeks.   

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