Alex S. Broun Geology Collection donated to the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

The Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District recently honored a local geologic legend, Al Broun.  His work interpreting geophysical logs, collaborating on field studies, and contributing and reviewing reports as vastly improved understanding of the Trinity Aquifers in western Hays County.  We join the HTGCD in celebrating Al Broun and thank him for his important contributions.

Al Broun at the UT BEG Cuttings Repository. Credit: Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

Geoscientists in central Texas are pleased to announce that the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology’s Core Research Center has taken possession of the Alex S. Broun Geologic Collection. The invaluable collection contains geologic cuttings from well drilling samples that were described, classified, and used in the research of the rock layers that make up the Trinity Aquifer. The cuttings collection is from more than 100 wells mostly in Hays County and contains samples in 10-foot intervals from wells up to 1000 ft deep. In addition, the collection contains a database of other geologic information (geophysical logs) from more than 500 wells throughout central Texas.

Since about 2000 through 2019, Alex S. Broun volunteered thousands of hours of his geologic expertise and time at the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District. Bringing his many years of expertise as an exploration petroleum geologist, he emphasized basic geologic studies involving the collection of cuttings from drilled wells, describing them in detail, and correlating them to geophysical logs. This information has provided the foundation for key stratigraphic and hydrogeologic studies of surrounding groundwater districts and will provide researchers with valuable data for current and future studies. In December, 2020, Mr. Broun was recognized with a special recognition of excellence by the Board of Directors of the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.

The donation was facilitated by the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and will be archived at the UT Bureau of Economic Geology Cuttings Repository. The internationally acclaimed geologic research facility holds core and cuttings samples from across the world and state. The collection is publicly available for current and future research.

credit:  Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District press release

Selected publications informed by geologic contributions by Al Broun

Al Broun examines cuttings to document unit intervals and thicknesses while a well is drilled. Credit: Hydrogeologic Atlas of Southwest Travis County Central Texas