Groundwater and Surface Water 3D Animation

In the Hill Country, groundwater and surface water are connected.  Clear springs feed our iconic creeks and rivers.  Water recharges aquifers (our groundwater supply) through caves and fractures in creek and riverbeds.

Groundwater and surface water are managed differently.  Groundwater is considered a private property right and managed through local groundwater conservation districts.  Surface water is property of the State of Texas and water rights are administered through river authorities.

The challenges of growing population, increased development, and climate change are going to stress our water resources–now and in the coming years.  This video does an excellent job of showing how groundwater and surface water are connected throughout Texas.  Being aware, making informed decisions, and conserving the limited water resources are essential to preserving Texas’ natural beauty for future generations.

Great job to the Environmental Defense Fund, Hill Country Alliance, Meadows Center for the Environment, and Texas Water Foundation for the Beneath the Surface and Above: The Journey of Groundwater video.