David Baker

Founder and Executive Director
TEL: (512) 722-3390 / (512) 785-8950
Twitter: @lovejacobswell

Founded WVWA:  1996
David has been responsible for planning and executing the organization’s programs and services in accordance with WVWA’s mission and goals. David envisioned and conceived of the Hill Country Conservation Network in 2015 after 20 years of working to protect Jacob’s Well, Cypress Creek, the Blanco River, and serving for over a decade on the Hill Country Alliance Board. His service on numerous other boards and founding of several NGO’s and public agencies, including the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, has led to collaborations with diverse agencies in ongoing efforts to conserve land, water, and to adopt science-based public policy. The Mitchell Foundation grant to the WVWA in 2015 to study the Hill Country Conservation Network launched this collaborative effort and has led to the development of numerous joint funding proposals including the successful RCPP grant. WVWA will continue to serve on the THCCN steering committee and work to increase investment in conservation across the region.


Robin Gary

Managing Director

Joined WVWA:  March 2020
Robin earned a Masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Geography and the Environment in 2005 for research focused on human-environment interaction in karst landscapes. Until 2009, she worked as a geographer for the U.S. Geological Survey, Texas Water Science Center doing data management, spatial analysis, and GIS, and she was part of the team that helped establish the springflow gauging station at Jacobs Well. From 2009 to March 2020, she served as the Public Information and Education Coordinator for the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District. It was a wonderful 11 years at the District. Some of the highlights during her career at the District include building an impactful and collaborative educational program (through at least three critical groundwater droughts); supporting and educating well owners and groundwater users; serving on the City of Austin Environmental Board and as a representative for the Regional Water Planning Group Region K; and researching and publishing methods to assess groundwater use, well drilling trends, and aquifer dynamics.

As a geographer, a groundwater scientist, a teacher, and a mom, she’s excited to work in community that supports her family. It’s a small world, and ever since she was a child, Wimberley has held a tender place in her heart. She looks forward to learning, working, and collaborating  to help make science more accessible, increase knowledge about watershed issues, and empower people to be part of a collective solution.


Ellen Evans

Office Manager



Public Liaison