TESPA and WVWA launch the
Water Protectors Fund in 2021

Make a tax-deductible gift today and help us educate, advocate, and fight for Texas water.

We know new legal battles are coming. The threat of Electro Purification has not gone away. Needmore is a sleeping giant. There are big threats to our Hill Country land and water just around the corner—marching toward us as a steady stream of population growth and economic development. We must be ahead of it—ready for the legal battles with an educated citizenry willing to fight for their water.

What is karst? Find out more here.

Your support gives life to the education, advocacy, and protection of our Hill Country streams springs, and aquifers. Deep in the Karst of Texas—from our wells to iconic great springs and caves, our landscape is unique and highly prized. Groundwater and surface water are intricately connected.

The Water Protectors Fund protects our aquifers, springs, creeks, rivers – and the sole source of drinking water for thousands of people.

We’re in this together. For the long-term. Share this effort among your friends and colleagues, and consider upgrading your gift to a recurring commitment to clean, plentiful water.

Giving to the Water Protectors Fund supports fighting the bad — and influencing the good.

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