Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition
Celebrating the Great Springs of Texas

The Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition is the inaugural program of Art4Water, an initiative to advocate for environmental protection through the lens of art. The exhibition is a collaboration between Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) and Sky Wind World and brings together the art community around our love for Texas’ great springs. For over a quarter century, WVWA has protected and preserved clean, clear flowing water in Jacob’s Well, across the Hill Country, and all over Texas.

Through this exhibition, Art4Water, Sky Wind World, and WVWA will raise awareness of the vital connection of water to life. With the Well as one example, “Sacred Springs” seeks to float a collection of groundwater icons in the sky.

Art shapes culture, and changes people and communities. Art tells a universally powerful story that communicates the value of water beyond words. The exhibition will be designed to tell the stories of our springs and the value of water. A selection of 20 artworks from among the submissions to this open call for entries will fly as kites in community events and then hang on display internationally, beginning with the inaugural exhibition at the Austin Central Library in the spring of 2022.

Call For Artists – Submission Deadline Extended to Jan. 1, 2022
Project Summary (pdf)

Information Packet (pdf)

Budget Description

Artists will receive $1,000 for a selected artwork for the Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition, recognition in the exhibition and accompanying catalog in print and online, as well as in press promotion and community events connected with the touring schedule.

Project Description

Art kites featured in the Flying Buffalo Project by Sky Wind World. Angela Babby, Buffalo Painting.

We are looking for original artwork expressly for this exhibition that are an extension of the artists’ reverence for Nature and a belief that the right relationship with the Earth and natural systems is essential for the continued health of all life and specifically the prosperity of environmentally sensitive regions in Texas.

The artwork must be fairly large and colorful enough to be seen from a distance since all will be made into genuine well-flying kites. A wide border/frame made of ripstop nylon will be added to the paintings in some instances, giving them more square feet of lightweight sail area.

Artwork Goals

The Nameless One by David Baker

Water creates the most magical parts of our world. This is especially true for the Hill Country. We are seeking art that captures that magic. The art should be focused on water in all its forms and the life that springs from it and the efforts to preserve it.

Texas is a land of many more than eleven hundred springs. Like the stars at night, the springs that dot the state are too numerous to count. Water flowing underground through rock wells up through faults in plentiful springs, which became the watering holes and the sources of life for early outposts and cities. Today, many are dwindling, drying up under twin threats of climate change and over pumping to serve a bursting population.

“Sacred Springs” recalls the reverence of indigenous people and an enduring mystical connection with the source of life. Water falls as rain from the sky, filters into the ground, and emerges later through cracks and openings to form the great river basins. Many Texans drink from the groundwater that powers these springs every time we turn on the tap. As growth and demand for water grows, many of our springs have been lost, draining more than just a piece of our history or a source of water.

Artwork Location Description

Visions of Louis & Clark art kites on display at the Oregon Historical Society, Sky Wind World.

These paintings will mainly be displayed by hanging the kites in tall open areas in libraries, courthouses, airports, and public buildings across Texas and the United States. Occasionally they will be exhibited on walls. In most cases, they will be displayed in locations where the art needs to be bright and visible from at least 20 feet away. The art should be clear and powerful when displayed flying in the sky.

The new Austin Central Library will be the first venue for showing the collection. The exhibit opens on May 1, 2022 with a private reception for community leaders and participants. The twenty pieces of kite art will be on display in the large, high-ceilinged central atrium.

Click to take a virtual tour of the Austin Central Library


Terry Zee Lee, president of, has organized and presented art kite exhibitions in major public venues, festivals, and workshops to preserve and promote the art and craft of kite design and construction. Highlighting her 23-year career are the signature kite exhibitions, “Visions of Lewis & Clark,” telling the story of exploring the Louisiana Purchase, and “The Flying Buffalo Project,” featuring work by Native American artists flown over sacred buffalo jump sites.

David Baker, executive director of Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, has combined his training and exploration in painting and sculpture with a 25-year devotion to the water quality and quantity to sustain Jacob’s Well and the many thousands of artesian springs that carry sacred meaning, not to mention lifegiving groundwater to communities past and present. His Art4Water conception powers this inaugural joint program to promote awareness and conservation through fine art.


Entry is open to any artist around the world in any chosen medium, with the following requirements:

    • All artwork must be water focused
    • New paintings shall be brushed onto prepared ripstop nylon, silk, lightweight canvas or cotton or appliquéd using similar materials. Details below under ‘Format’.
    • The completed art will be made into kites by the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association.


When dealing with artwork to make into kites, typically the bigger, the better. The American Kitefliers Association Grand National Champions are inspirational examples of award-winning designs. Given the scope and grandeur of the exhibition space, priority consideration will be given to larger artworks. Artists shall consider how a kite will look backlit. Details disappear with distance and some colors appear more vivid. Jurors will consider winning images based on their suitability for becoming kites and being viewed from far away as well as at close proximity. Final size of the constructed kite is the sole discretion of the jurors.


Images of original artwork for the Sacred Springs Exhibition may be submitted in JPG, TIF, or PNG (raster) or EPS PDF AI (vector) files—minimum 1, maximum 5—no larger than 10mb each. All image submissions become property of the organizer and may be used in promotional/exhibition materials.

Prepared ripstop nylon will be provided for selected artists, if desired but artists may also use silk, lightweight canvas or well stretched cotton. Acrylic paint and watercolor are encouraged. Keep in mind that often the paintings will be viewed with light coming from behind them.


A title and artist’s statement for each submission up to 100 words may be provided toward juror consideration, but is not required.

Selected Work

Final jury decision is conditional on artist cooperation and participation to execute kite design and construction based on selected artwork, and on sworn affidavit that the artwork is the artist’s original art properly submitted. Selected artists will receive $1,000 commission fee. No additional artist’s expenses be paid or reimbursed, in any case.

Exhibition Agreement

For selected artwork, the submitting artist commits to participate in any and all components of the exhibition including, but not limited to, providing information for display, catalog, and promotional materials. Art4Water will retain sole ownership of the selected artwork and any and all subsequent use of the artwork.

Entry Requirements

Artist’s Name & Contact Information
Title/Artist’s Statement (up to 100 words)
Brief Profile (optional)

Entry Checklist:

Online Entry Form
– Minimum 1, maximum 5 images uploaded with entry
– No Entry Fee
– Signed Exhibition Agreement

Please address questions to

Mailing address:
PO Box 2534
Wimberley, TX 78676


Jan 1 2022: Entry Submission Deadline
Jan15 2022: Jurors’ Consideration
Jan 16 2022: Announcement of Selected Entries
Feb 16 2022: Completed Artwork Due
Feb to Mar 2022: Fabrication of “Sacred Springs” Kites
March 26-27 2022: Austin Kite Festival “Sacred Springs On Strings”
April 29-30 2022: Exhibition Installation at the Austin Central Library
May 1 2022: Patrons Preview, Jurors’ Commentary
May 7 2022: Public Exhibition Opening
Oct 1 2022: Exhibition De-installation unless the exhibit is extended
Oct 2022 to Dec 2023: Traveling Exhibition
After 2023: Periodic Exhibitions, Coordinated Events


Exhibition organizers will self-insure for any submission materials included as exhibits and for the kites themselves.


Any shipping or postage cost for submission is the sole responsibility of the submitting artist.