2022  ·  One Water, Wastewater

Blue Hole Regional Park “Alternative” Water Supply for Non-Potable Water Uses

David Venhuizen, P.E.

The Friends of Blue Hole commissioned an engineering study by David Venhuizen, P.E. of alternative water supplies to provide irrigation and toilet flush water demands on the park.  The study was presented to the Wimberley Parks Board on Feb. 22, 2022.  The report is archived... View

2022  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels

Evaluation of Trinity Aquifer Groundwater Availability in Kendall County

James Beach and Tyler Davidson, Advanced Groundwater Solutions, LLC, Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District

Like most areas in the Texas Hill Country, the population and water demand continue to increase in Kendall County. In many areas, the water demand continues to be satisfied by groundwater development. The Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District (CCGCD) is interested in continuing to implement... View

2022  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels

July 2021 Potentiometric Surfaces of the Lower and Middle Trinity Aquifers in Southwestern Hays County, Texas

Shane A. Heath, Philip J. Webster, & Robin H. Gary, Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

In the western portion of Hays County and northeastern Comal County, residents depend on the Lower and Middle Trinity Aquifers as their water sources. Water from these two aquifers is used for domestic and agricultural purposes for a rapidly expanding population. According to the United... View

2021  ·  Wastewater

Assessment of Costs for Two Wastewater Disposal Strategies for the City of Blanco – Revised

Keith O’Connor, PE and Barney Austin, PhD, PE , Aqua Strategies

This memo is in response to the priorities identified by the Blanco Water Reclamation Task Force, a collaboration between the City of Blanco, Protect Our Blanco, and the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment. Introduction: The City of Blanco (City) is currently treating a daily average... View

2021  ·  Wastewater

Blanco TPDES Refinement Study

Barney Austin, Ph.D., P.E., Aqua Strategies, KIT, Blue Creek Consulting, LLC, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

The Blanco Water Reclamation Task Force commissioned the Blanco TPDES Refinement Study report by Aqua Strategies, KIT, and Blue Creek Consulting as a way to investigate alternatives to direct discharge of wastewater into the Blanco River.  Their report was published through the Meadows Center for... View

2021  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels, Legal/Policy

Five Gallons in a Ten Gallon Hat: Groundwater Sustainability in Texas

Robert Mace, Ph.D., Meadows Center for Water and The Environment

Despite the hopes and desires of scientists, engineers, and planners, the projected future of groundwater production in Texas is unsustainable. About 95 percent of locally-expressed desired future conditions are based on water-level declines, groundwater is currently being produced at 1.8 times the maximum sustainable amount,... View

2021  ·  Groundwater Management, Legal/Policy

Groundwater in Texas: Case Studies of Effective Management–Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

Environmental Defense Fund and Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts

The Hays Trinity GCD has relied on sound science and stakeholder input to develop policy and management tools to protect the unique groundwater resources within its jurisdiction. This benefits all landowners and groundwater users within the district. The Hays Trinity GCD Board has recognized, however,... View

2021  ·  One Water, Wastewater

One Water in the Texas Hill Country: Connecting the Community with Projects and Professionals

Sarah B. Faust, Faust Law PLLC | Katherine Romans, Hill Country Alliance | Jennifer Walker, National Wildlife Federation

This guidebook is intended to connect Hill Country communities facing growth and increased demands for water with water professionals experienced with One Water strategies, planning, implementation, design and construction. We interviewed engineers, architects, planners and landscape designers to gain insight into the realities of One... View

2021  ·  Species and Habitat

Stygobromus bakeri, a new species of groundwater amphipod (Amphipoda, Crangonyctidae) associated with the Trinity and Edwards aquifers of central Texas, USA

Randy Gibson, Benjamin T. Hutchins, Jean K. Krejca, Peter H. Diaz, and Peter S. Sprouse, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center, Texas State University; Zara Environmental, LLC

A new stygobitic groundwater amphipod species, Stygobromus bakeri sp. nov., is described from 4 central Texas limestone karst springs; John Knox Spring (Comal County), Jacob’s Well (Hays County), Mormon Spring (Travis County) and Salado Springs (Bell County). This species belongs to the predominately western Nearctic... View

2020  ·  Wastewater, Water Quality

Bioassessment of four Hill Country streams threatened by proposed municipal wastewater discharges

Dr. Ryan S. King and Dr. Jeffrey A. Back, Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research, Baylor University, Waco, TX

The investigators were charged with completing a comprehensive biological assessment of four (4) Hill Country streams that were subject to permit applications for wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) effluent discharges. The four streams included Onion Creek, Blanco River, Honey Creek, and Barton Creek. Sampling occurred during... View