2015  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels, Groundwater Management, Water Quality

Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan

Cypress Creek Partnership, Meadows Center for Water and The Environment

The Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan is the result of a six-year collaboration between numerous groups and individuals. Each have played an important role in the Cypress Creek Project and its planning, activities, and garnering support from the community. While proper recognition of every person and organization that contributed to this Plan is not feasible, the Cypress Creek Stakeholder Committee gratefully acknowledges that it could not have happened without their dedication. We thank these individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions of time, effort and commitment to the development of the Plan.


The ultimate goal of the Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan is to ensure that the long-term integrity and sustainability of the Cypress Creek watershed is preserved and that water
quality standards are maintained for present and future generations. The Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan is a proactive plan that addresses likely future nonpoint source pollution impairments of nitrogen (N) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS). Although planning efforts focused primarily on surface water quality, the Stakeholders felt it was important to acknowledge the importance of properly managing the source groundwater in this Watershed Protection Plan. Accordingly, the plan incorporates groundwater and surface water components, spans agency jurisdictions, and is comprehensive in its approach for maintaining balance between natural resource management and economic development. This plan is significant because of its proactive nature, its engaged citizenry, inclusion of source groundwater for a complete hydrologic picture, and the implications for other potentially impaired watersheds in central Texas.

This Watershed Protection Plan is intended to be a living document, and may be adjusted to include new data and modified as conditions in the watershed change over time. It will evolve as needs and circumstances dictate and will be guided by the Stakeholder Committee as they undertake active stewardship of the watershed.


To preserve the natural beauty and excellent water quality of Cypress Creek for current and future generations.