2019  ·  One Water, Wastewater

Preferred Wastewater Systems for the Texas Hill Country and Over the Edwards Aquifer: Economic and Environmental Considerations

Susan Parten, PE, Community Environmental Services, Inc.

The Texas Hill Country is blessed with incredible charm and aesthetic appeal; Its natural environment including creeks, rivers, and springs are a central draw. Many Hill Country residents rely on wells for their drinking water and livelihoods. Creeks and springs serve as important recreational hubs,...

2019  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels, Groundwater Management, Species and Habitat

Species delimitation in endangered groundwater salamanders: Implications for aquifer management and biodiversity conservation

Thomas J. Devitt, April M. Wright, David C. Cannatella, and David M. Hillis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Groundwater-dependent species are among the least-known components of global biodiversity, as well as some of the most vulnerable because of rapid groundwater depletion at regional and global scales. The karstic Edwards–Trinity aquifer system of west-central Texas is one of the most species-rich groundwater systems in... View

2016  ·  Legal/Policy

Texas Groundwater Markets and the Edwards Aquifer

Amy Hardberger, St. Mary's University School of Law

Introduction Texans have a long-standing dependence on groundwater. Its usage has steadily increased throughout the state’s history. In the earliest years, farmers required groundwater for their livelihoods. In the 1930s, groundwater was an essential tool in stopping the seemingly endless Dust Bowl in the Texas Panhandle... View

2015  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels, Groundwater Management, Water Quality

Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan

Cypress Creek Partnership, Meadows Center for Water and The Environment

The Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan is the result of a six-year collaboration between numerous groups and individuals. Each have played an important role in the Cypress Creek Project and its planning, activities, and garnering support from the community. While proper recognition of every person... View

2015  ·  Groundwater Management, Legal/Policy

Toward a Regional Plan for the Texas Hill Country

Community and Regional Planning, Hill Country Studio, The University of Texas at Austin

The Hill Country Alliance (HCA) presented The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture (UTSOA) with their collaborative strategy and draft vision for the Texas Hill Country. The Alliance asked UTSOA to use fresh eyes and planning expertise to provide new ideas and strategies... View

2015  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels

Unprecedented 21st century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains

Benjamin I. Cook1, Toby R. Ault and Jason E. Smerdon, Science Advances

In the Southwest and Central Plains of Western North America, climate change is expected to increase drought severity in the coming decades. These regions nevertheless experienced extended Medieval-era droughts that were more persistent than any historical event, providing crucial targets in the paleoclimate record for... View

2013  ·  Water Quality

Assessment of the economic contribution of Cypress Creek to the economy of Wimberley

Meredith Miller, Laura Parchman, Stacy Bray, Emily Warren and Susan Roberts, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

The Understanding Hill Country Water Resources research effort began in 2011 to improve our understanding of groundwater issues and, thus, support a sound basis for civic and stakeholder actions through: 1) an economic study of land valuations around a unique Hill Country creek; 2) a... View

2013  ·  One Water

Rainwater Harvesting as a Development-wide Water Supply Strategy

David Venhuizen, P.E., Karen Ford, Meredith Miller, Stacy Bray, Shaun Payne, and Andrew Sansom, Venhuizen Water Works, White Hat Creative, and Meadows Center

This final report was submitted to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in Oct. 2013.  The study investigated residential-scale rainwater harvesting systems as a water supply strategy for whole developments.  It envisions collecting rainwater from building roofs and routing it to a free-standing cistern on... View

2011  ·  Groundwater Management

A Systems Approach to Modelling and Impact Assessment in an Urbanizing Watershed

Adrian L. Vogl, Texas State University, PhD Dissertation

Conflicts over water resources reflect multiple viewpoints regarding the value of preserving quality of life, protecting environmental integrity, and the need for continued urban expansion and economic growth. This has led to an increased understanding of the need for systemic and participatory approaches that address... View