2013  ·  Water Quality

Assessment of the economic contribution of Cypress Creek to the economy of Wimberley

Meredith Miller, Laura Parchman, Stacy Bray, Emily Warren and Susan Roberts, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

The Understanding Hill Country Water Resources research effort began in 2011 to improve our understanding of groundwater issues and, thus, support a sound basis for civic and stakeholder actions through: 1) an economic study of land valuations around a unique Hill Country creek; 2) a... View

2013  ·  One Water

Rainwater Harvesting as a Development-wide Water Supply Strategy

David Venhuizen, P.E., Karen Ford, Meredith Miller, Stacy Bray, Shaun Payne, and Andrew Sansom, Venhuizen Water Works, White Hat Creative, and Meadows Center

This final report was submitted to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in Oct. 2013.  The study investigated residential-scale rainwater harvesting systems as a water supply strategy for whole developments.  It envisions collecting rainwater from building roofs and routing it to a free-standing cistern on... View

2012  ·  Land Conservation, Stewardship, Species and Habitat

Hays County Parks, Open Space, and Natural Areas Master Plan

Design Workshop, Hays County

The Hays County Parks, Open Space and Natural Areas Master Plan will be used by Hays County, Texas to make decisions regarding parks and open space programs and facilities. It lays the groundwork for the County’s involvement in providing park, open space and natural areas... View

2012  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels, Land Conservation, Stewardship, Species and Habitat, Water Quality

Jacob’s Well Natural Area Master Plan

RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture, Clayton & Little Architects, and Banks and Associates, Hays County

Vision Jacob’s Well has long been an attraction to residents and visitors of the Texas Hill County. An artesian well and part of an extensive underground cave system, Jacob’s Well contributes to the recharging of the Edwards Aquifer. Because of it’s natural beauty and ecological benefits,... View

2011  ·  Groundwater Management

A Systems Approach to Modelling and Impact Assessment in an Urbanizing Watershed

Adrian L. Vogl, Texas State University, PhD Dissertation

Conflicts over water resources reflect multiple viewpoints regarding the value of preserving quality of life, protecting environmental integrity, and the need for continued urban expansion and economic growth. This has led to an increased understanding of the need for systemic and participatory approaches that address... View

2011  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels, Groundwater Management, Water Quality

Assessment and Value of Ecosystem Services: Preserving flows at Jacob’s Well spring

Adrian L. Vogl, Texas State University

This report was prepared for the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association with financial support from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation Water Program. Jacob’s Well is the largest perennial spring in the Trinity Aquifer and one the longest underwater caves in Texas. The cave and spring are... View

2011  ·  Wastewater

Land-­Applied Wastewater Effluent Impacts on the Edwards Aquifer

D. Lauren Ross, Ph. D., P. E. Glenrose Engineering, Inc, Greater Edwards Aquifer Authority, Save Our Springs Alliance

This report examines existing evidence that wastewater effluent discharged in the Barton Springs and San Antonio Edwards Aquifer contributing zones under Texas Land Application Permits (TLAPs), issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, have failed to protect springs, creeks, rivers, and groundwater. Significant findings... View

2010  ·  Groundwater Management

Cypress Creek Project Watershed Characterization Report

The River Systems Institute, The Cypress Creek Project

The Cypress Creek Project is a coalition of voluntary efforts of community stakeholders, coordinated with technical and research assistance provided by River Systems Institute. The main goal for this project is to ensure that the long-term integrity and sustainability of the Cypress Creek watershed is... View

2010  ·  Flow and Groundwater Levels, Species and Habitat

Genetic characterization of Eurycea salamanders from Jacob’s Well, Hays County, Texas

Michael R.J. Forstner and Diana J. McHenry, Texas State University, Dept. of Biology

The geology of central Texas is dominated by its karst topography. As the limestone has dissolved, the subterranean habitats, and springs that provide the habitats for these salamanders, have become available. The region is characterized by historically abundant surface springs, large cave systems, and dramatic... View